Translation – The Common Mode Of Communication


There are many heads under which people can be differentiated and one very important thing is the language. Cultures and customs might be sometimes similar but languages are generally different and we have a countless number of languages to the extent that there is one unique language for every state. Generally, people belonging to the south, of different states, follow the same customs. But how?  We get to know about all this from our ancestors and the golden epics which were written in a particular language. Again this was a different one and they are now considered as ancient scripts. There are experts who can read and interpret the meaning of such manuscripts and it is them who take us close to such important things for a proper and cultured living. Here translation is the factor that plays an important role in doing this; taking the values and virtues of life to all dwelling in the various parts of the world.

It is not just for this, even when you travel to a different state or country, you cannot expect all the people to understand your language and it needs to be either translated or you will be forced to learn that language rico translation. Here is where you will find the translating part very important and useful. Imagine standing in a shop of a different country, trying to make out what the shopkeeper is telling you; do you think you will be able to understand even a bit if what he tells you? No, it is not possible for all. But if there is somebody who can help you with the translation of what he says, you feel at home and in place. So the translation is a must for everyone.

Need for translation

Translation, in simple words, is nothing but the hunt for a word that holds the same meaning of another word in a different language. So this clearly indicates that there can be a number of translations for a single word equal to the number of languages that exist in the world. This brings out the importance and necessity of translation. It is a kind of art which only a few people are blessed with and it is the basic interest in this field that makes a person a perfect translator. The need for this simple process arises at different situations for different people.

Some people would like to go a little out of their regular activities and would want to have knowledge of how different people residing in the different parts of the world communicate with each other. This instills in them the basic interest for translations and learning different languages. A translator, in course of his learning this skill, becomes fluent, proficient and efficient in many different languages.

Some people might have specific interest and would want to know how a particular word would sound and look like in a different language.

Some people like touring and socializing. For such people, the best connector with the people of the other country is the language. When you know the language of another country, you are treated as if you are one among the country fellows and nothing would look new to you. But with difficulty understanding their language you will find everything different and difficult there, as if in a new planet altogether.For some people, this becomes a compulsion or necessity for their business purposes. When you get posted to a different country, you would be forced to learn the language or at least learn the translation to make a better living there.

Along with the above, when you are forced to make your livelihood there, you will be pushed to share your beliefs, follow your customs, understand the social behavior of your neighbors etc… For all these, it becomes important for you to know the translations that would help to exhibit your thoughts better. Translation has now become a must in various branches of life like business, law, religion, education etc… It is in fact considered the best connector of people of different regions and religions. The fact that we are able to understand and follow the various different cultures is all attributable to the translators who take initiatives in giving us the exact translations of different languages in different languages.

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